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About our Club

The Kiwanis Club of Auburn, with the Kiwanis Club of Tacoma as sponsor, was chartered June 8, 1922, club number K00795, with 56 charter members.  Charter Officers were:  President, William T. Behne; Vice President, George Holt; Secretary, Mark Manson; Treasurer, Stanley Brown; and District Trustee, Harry Leslie.

Stan Brown was Secretary/Treasurer from 1931-1973; Paul Webb was Secretary/Treasurer from 1976-1996, together accounting for over 60 years of Club record keeping. 

Seven clubs have been sponsored and organized by the Kiwanis Club of Auburn:  With the exception of Enumclaw (chartered in 1928) and Rio Verde Golden K (chartered in 1977), five are still viable clubs. Kent in 1930, Federal Way in 1955, The Valley in 1973, , Des Moines in 1990, and Covington, the Foothills in 1992. 

Women were allowed membership in 1987.  In 1988, Alice Passage  was the first woman inducted into the club, while Dolores Kyle holds the distinction of being the first woman President (1993-94) and Debra Christian the first woman Lt. Governor (1998-99) from the Club. 

Division 32 Lt. Governors from the Kiwanis Club of Auburn include:

Stan Brown, 1928; Ray K. Sonnemann, 1931; Del B. Price, 1953; Waldo Carlson, 1961; Len Martin, 1967; C.R. Sonnemann, 1970-71; A.E. Gunderson, 1974-75; Paul C. Webb, 1978-79; Richard J. Passage, 1987-88; Fred Helser, 1991-92; Jack Miller, 1994-95, Debbie Christian, 1998-99 ,  Barbara Vance, 2002-03 and Pamela Smith, 2006-2007, Jim Nannery, 2010-2011, Gail Spurrell, 2015-2016.